Ujjal Dosanjh

Born on September 9th 1947, in Jalandhar, India. Ujjal Dev Singh Dosanjh is a Canadian lawyer, writer and politician. This well accomplished man was born to a lower class family, and in pursue of his law degree at age 17, having never traveled outside the town he was born in, Dosanjh left India, and headed towards the United Kingdom in 1964. It was not till 1968 that Ujjal Dosanjh moved to Canada, place which would later on launch his career. His father was an activist in India, and Dosanjh inherited this passion of fighting for rights. He first entered the political scene in 1979, shortly after obtaining a law degree. He ran in the provincial election in the district of Vancouver South, as a candidate to the British Columbia New Democratic Party. He unfortunately lost these elections and followed to run again for the same position in 1983, but this time around was not successful either. He pushed forward in pursue of his well deserved career, running for a similar position in 1991 for the provincial election of the district of Vancouver Kensington; He won these elections, and followed to be re-elected in 1996. E-visas

Throughout his career, Ujjal Dosanjh served in many offices. He was a member of the Canadian Parliament, Minister of Health, Attorney General, as well as being the 33rd Premier of British Columbia; Furthermore, the list of titles this politician has held go on.

This former Premier of British Columbia, with all his life long knowledge, and experience wrote an inspiring book, titled Journey After Midnight. This book has received great reviews as it tells the story of an Indian emigrant in a very personal manner, where he shares life experiences and accomplishments. This book is motivating as he writes about leaving the country he was born in, being an immigrant, and the obstacles he has faced throughout his life, both personally and professionally.


Ujjal Dosanjh earned a bachelor’s degree from Simon Fraster University, and followed to finish his law degree at the Canadian University of British Columbia and joined his political party shortly after graduating, he has since made remarkable changes in politics. His book has been described to be very personal, expressing his live for India and his life in Canada.